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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
# 8:23:00 AM:

Spamfire does a pretty good job

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It turns out that there is no Bayesian filtering e-mail application for Mac OS 9 and earlier, so I ended up purchasing Spamfire Pro, from Matterform Media.

It does a decent job, getting most spam e-mail out of my way before I have to look at it. There is the occasional false positive (mail labeled as spam that isn't), but that is less common as I add correspondents to the address book. A few spams also slip through, but I can delete those by hand—the problem is reduced to the minor annoyance it was a couple of years ago, rather than the overwhelming flood it had become. The time I save will pay for the $30 US pretty quickly.

The program is far from perfect, but I don't need perfection, just something that shunts aside the spam before I drown in it. Spamfire does that just fine.


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