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Sunday, September 28, 2003
# 7:31:00 PM:

Not talking back

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I'm ignoring my own advice here, but hey, it's my weblog. I'll talk about how special my kids are all I want!

Anyway, when our oldest daughter was tired and cranky today around dinnertime, we asked her to go to her room to calm down. She went, but stewed about it, and took out her magnetic writing board. (It's sort of like an Etch-a-Sketch, but you use a magnetic-tipped pen to write on it.)

She's five. She knows letters, but like most kids her age, she can't read words, and can only write her name, the names of a few of her relatives, and the word NO. Until today. She stewed and sat in her room with the writing board. She drew a picture of her sad face. Then she wrote this:


My wife asked her what it said. "Don't put me in my room," our girl replied.


Cool! And kind of freaky, to be honest.

We gave her a big hug, and she felt better.


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