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Saturday, August 07, 2004
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My name is Derek, and I'm a Blundoholic

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This Blundstone boot thing of mine is getting out of hand. I just bought my third pair of the things in as many years.

For a normal pair of shoes, that might be fine. The thing is, my first and second pairs haven't worn out. Not even close. In fact, I was wearing the first pair when I bought the third set a couple of days ago, and when I brought the new ones home, I shone the old ones up with some of the spare wax from the latest set. Now, other than some tread wear on the 2001 models, you can't tell which ones are newer.

Mick Green in Australia offers to ship Blundstones directly from Australia for better prices than we usually get in North America, but my usual outlet had a sale on their stock, so the price worked out just as well for me. But you might want to check his site out if you want a pair.

Ayway, now I have three sets of boots, on which we've spent more than $450. On the plus side, I wear them all the time, even in summer.


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