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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
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Blogs and websites and syndication, oh my

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Roland Tanglao argues that:

People will find web pages not by clicking in a way designers imagine in classic web design but by choosing the pages they find on your site through search, syndication and aggregation. Don't try to control eyeballs and try to envision click paths.

and that, on the Web, you can get good search results if you:

...create compelling content constantly. Compared to getting ripped off by SEO companies, the money commitment of a blog is small. And yes it takes time, but [...] the time commitment is crucial and becoming more crucial every day.

I agree, because a useful website is one people want to visit.

Now, Roland is a bit of an idealist, because it doesn't just "take time"—creating compelling things for people to look at on your website, constantly, can eat up a lot of time. It can consume hours each day if you let it, so you have to make sure you don't neglect other parts of your business that are more important. It is very tempting to simply pay someone else to take care of web stuff. But over time spending that money becomes less and less useful, I think.


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