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Sunday, November 21, 2004
# 5:11:00 PM:

Links of interest (2004-11-21):

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  • 2004 holiday digital camera guide from DCRP.

  • Speculation on why Americans make good software and movies, but bad cities and cars.

  • Tim Bray: "Exactly the same forces that are driving the world to open data in general and XML in particular are driving us towards open source."

  • I thought this article was an off-time April Fool's joke or a reprint from The Onion, but it seems like it's an actual Wired News report. It's still surreal.

  • Danny Goodman is apparently a well-respected guy, but I have to wonder: if the advice in his book Spam Wars is so good, wouldn't it be a far better public service to simply make it available online for free than to restrict its audience just to those willing to spend money on it? How can anyone expect to help "choke off the [spam] economy" without telling everyone how to do it?

  • Information Week: "Firefox 1.0 offers everything most people need to browse the Web [and] is the first Web browser since October, 1997, that deserves serious consideration by the entire world of desktop computer users. [It] offers everything most people need to browse the Web, in a way you're apt to like better than Internet Explorer."

  • It's a good thing scientific theories aren't evaluated by public opinion.


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