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Friday, June 24, 2005
# 12:57:00 AM:

It's not my fault that Blogger broke my website today

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UPDATE to the UPDATE: Here's Blogger's fix, which works fine for me—there is now a setting to get rid of the extra code, which is okay, but not the best for usability for site publishers. But it will do.

UPDATE: I'm far from the only one, and have found some potential fixes. We'll see what happens.

As of my first post today (24 June 2004), but not on earlier posts that I have not updated, the first paragraph of any journal entry here that I add or edit (but not the headline) begins with an odd chunk of HTML code: <div style="clear:both;"></div>

That's not in my website template. It's not in the text of entries I write. It screws up the way my stylesheet behaves, so my blog is visually broken (you'll notice it if you visit on the Web instead of reading in RSS—just scroll waaaaay down to read things).

Where did it come from? How can I fix it? I wonder if Blogger can fix it, since I didn't put it there? Did they update something that added it recently, as in around sometime in the last 12 hours? Did they do it because I snuck out of the Blogger/Google-sponsored soirée for dinner with my family?

I've told them, "It's annoying! Make it stop! Thanks."


Places it doesn't happen (i.e. updated before midnight today):



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