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The Neurotics and HourGlass have played all over the world, from Melbourne, Australia and New York City to their home base in Vancouver, Canada. Here's where they'll be next!

The hardest-burping man in show business.

PLEASE NOTE: Dates may change. Get in touch if you want to confirm a particular show or find out if we're available for a certain date.

[Neurotics] = The Neurotics   [HourGlass] = HourGlass

[Neurotics] Saturday, September 26, 2009 - Private event, Vancouver, B.C.

[Neurotics] Saturday, October 3, 2009 - Private event, Vancouver, B.C.

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Lumpy Neurotic
Lumpy Neurotic sings and plays bass guitar. He denies rumours that he retreated to the wilds of northern Canada for several years after a particularly intense flashback brought on by an egg salad sandwich.

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