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I'm Derek K. Miller from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been a professional musician since 1989, but only in 2004 did I start posting my own (or my friends') compositions here. Since then, quite a few podcasters and others have played these tunes. I hope you enjoy them too. Just subscribe and you’ll get a new tune whenever I record it, or visit podcast.penmachine.com regularly to see what’s new. Older tracks are still available, and you can find nearly everything at the Podsafe Music Network too. (Some episodes are spoken or video too.)

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penmachine podcast: free MP3 instrumental songs at podcast.penmachine.com

Buy My Audio CD


I've put together the high-quality original masters of the first 14 original tunes from my podcast (up to October 2005) into a CD album you can buy from buy.penmachine.com. It also includes a bonus data DVD with a bunch of cool stuff that isn't on this website. Find out more...

All the MP3s will continue to be available for free, of course. You can read about the CD on my blog, or go ahead and buy it right now.

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