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Making an Editor's Website Work

This was my first of two presentations to the Editors' Association of Canada in 2003. The other was about backups, and took place in November.

Editors' Association of Canada
15 Jan 2003 B.C. Branch Meeting

by Derek K. Miller

[A big truck towing a bus]

I took the photo above, of a TransLink bus being towed by a big truck on Burrard Street just before the EAC meeting in January 15. I post it here for four reasons:

  1. So there's at least one picture on this page.
  2. Because you don't see that sort of thing every day.
  3. To demonstrate that for any task, you need the right tools.
  4. To illustrate that you can put anything that interests you on your website, something I talked about that night.

Whether you attended the January EAC meeting or not, you might find these useful:

Using web pages instead of PowerPoint for presentations
Added 19 Jan 2003

My slides are simple HTML web pages, and when I wrote about that in my online journal, I received some interesting responses and hits from all around the Web.

Useful links for people new to building websites
Added 17 Jan 2003, updated 20 Jan 2003

When I asked people at the meeting what a website is for, the suggestions included promotion, bringing stuff together, information, links, convenience, point of contact, prestige, background info, research, news, samples, a résumé, and fun.

I suggested a site is really for two things: for visitors to get information or to do something useful (as they see it). Here are some links that might help you do that:

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