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Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this website and the background and expertise of...

Derek K. Miller, B.Sc., Dip.A.C.N.F.

What kind of writing and editing experience do I have?

My first editorial experience was with a class newspaper in elementary school, nearly 25 years ago. By 1984, I had helped start The Plague, an inter-high-school newspaper in Vancouver, and had my first "editor" title, for the newsletter of the Apple Alliance, a computer club. After working on my high school annual and several university publications, my first paid editorial work came in 1990, when I put together the UBC student handbook.

A little over a decade later, following time as a drummer, magazine advertising sales coordinator, technical writer/web guy for a software company, and stay-at-home dad (still ongoing), I went freelance in 2001 and joined the Editors' Association of Canada in 2002. Most recently, in early 2004, I found a job writing, editing, and working on web content and user interface design for Navarik Corp. in Vancouver. Over the past decade and a bit, I've done a fair bit of stuff:

What do I specialize in?

I'm a generalist, which means (depending on your point of view) either (a) that I have wide-ranging tastes, or (b) that I can't make up my mind. I'll write about pretty much anything, in other words. And I'll edit even more.

Most recently, I've been working on:

There are a few things I haven't yet learned to like writing about (finance and professional sports, for instance), and I do have some specialties, or at least subjects that I've either worked on or have an interest in. Even these cast a pretty wide net:

Who(m) have I done all this stuff for?

How about school and such things?

I'm also a voting member of the Vancouver Musicians' Association (part of the American Federation of Musicians) and the Editors' Association of Canada.

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