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Derek's Journal Writing Organized By Topic
(An out of date experiment)

Updated 27 Mar 2003

Once my weblog here turned two years old in late 2002, I realized it was too big to browse or search effectively, so I tried breaking down my entries into topics, as I arbitrarily decided them. I started categorizing at the beginning of December 2002, then stopped again in March because it was too much work. But you might find some of this categorization useful anyway.

Current listed topics are:

articles & other works | editing | language | this site | net design | music | photo | digicams | wireless | gadgets & techie | mac stuff | copyright | family & friends | furniture & stuff | environment | iraq war | news & trivia | travel & holidays | weather

Like my journal, they are organized from newest to oldest, but within their categories.

My Published Articles and Other Works

Writing, Editing, and Publishing

Language and Communication

Working on This Site and My Business

The Internet, Usability, Web and Software Design

Music and Bands

Photography and Images

Digital Cameras

Wireless Communications

Gadgets and General Techie Stuff

Mac Software and Hardware

Copyright and Information Sharing

Parenting, Family, and Friends

Furniture, Clothing, and Footwear


War in Iraq

Interesting News Items and Trivia

Travel, Holidays, and Other Events


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