27 May 2007


The Vancouver web geek community is real

A couple of days ago DemoCamp Vancouver came and went. I would have liked to go, but was still neck-deep in radiation side effects and general cancer-treatment funk.

I read this from Adam Fields (via Doc Searls) today:

In order to call some gathering of people a "community," [...] if you're a member of the community, and one day you stop showing up, people will come looking for you to see where you went.

KA went to DemoCamp, and told me that lots of people asked about me, how I was doing, and if there was anything they could do to help—just like back at Northern Voice. That's a community. And it feels like a family.

Thanks to Roland and Boris and Rebecca and kk+ and Tod and everyone else from DemoCamp and elsewhere who's been checking in. I'm doing okay, and I'll be at some Camp or meetup or conference or something eventually.

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