Guest Book Archive for Martin Sikes (1968-2007)

This page is an archive of the guest book posted to in January 2008, and which expired on February 1, 2008. The newest entries appear first.

See the main memorial page for information about what this is, and who Martin Sikes was, and the eulogies page for transcripts of speeches from his memorial event.

   January 25, 2008
Just heard the news. What a sad way to go. Best to you.

   January 17, 2008
Just heard the news. Keep ya chin up boss and keep dreaming, wherever you may be. RIP. Mark

   January 11, 2008
You will never be forgotten my dear Martin. You've left us all with a lifetime of memories and friendships.

"Stay Up Forver!!!"

   Colleen Arndt (Vancouver, BC)

   January 8, 2008
We have set up a memorial page for Martin. It includes links, photos, and notes from those who spoke eulogies at his memorial:

I will keep that page up in perpetuity, or at least as long as my website lasts.
   Derek K. Miller (Burnaby, BC)

   January 7, 2008
On our return from holidays, we were shocked to find out about Martin's passing. As one of our neighbors, he was always thoughtful, friendly and congenial, we will miss him.
   Jim and Layne Malick (Vancouver, BC)

   January 7, 2008
Martin and I were at Pauline Johnson Elementary, then West Van. Secondary together. Martin always had the greatest grin -- a bit cheeky, and always sincere. Who knew he was such a force in everything he did? He was so modest at our 20th high school reunion; once the cat got out of the bag about his successes, we were all awed and inspired by him. I'm so glad I got to see him then.
   Nancy Munro (North Vancouver, BC)

   January 6, 2008

I am standing in a valley, rushing creek to one side and as I travel onwards the day dwindles to dusk, sounds are heard distant yet... I walk from forest into a magical place filled with all forms of people dancing to a rhythmic beat - Martin I will miss your organization of the local dj's - I will miss you, your intelligence - from back when I was but a North Shore Teen hanging with all the crew. Mugwump aka Triton.

I will take a moment today to cheer your life.
   Russ Anderson (Elphinstone, BC)

   January 6, 2008
Martin Sikes was somewhat of a cyber-celebrity as a teenager. He not only helped pioneer online communities in the early 1980's--but he actually wrote and marketed the software many of them were based on. At a time when computers were slow Martin's software was fast and completely unmatched. "Blue Hell", as his message board was known, was Vancouver's online Studio 54 in its day--and the stories of people trying to get in were equally legendary. To those of us online back in the day there were two heroes, Matthew Broderick in War Games and Martin Sikes in West Vancouver.
   CeilingTiles (Blue Hell)

   January 5, 2008
Martin Sikes was somewhat of a cyber-celebrity as a teenager. In the early 1980's he not only pioneered one of the most popular online communities of its day--he actually wrote and marketed the software. "Blue Hell" was Vancouver's online Studio 54, and stories about people trying to get in were equally legendary. At a time when computers were slow, Martin's board was fast and completely unmatched. He did it all with a 300 baud modem, 38k of RAM, and 170k of storage on his Commodore 64. To those of us online back in the day there were two heroes, Matthew Broderick in War Games and Martin Sikes in West Vancouver.
   CeilingTiles (Blue Hell)

   January 5, 2008
One incredible guy ....Cheers to u Your thoughtfullness, truly one of a kind,,, ..Thank You my friend I will cherish all those good times...
   shayne brandt (Vancouver, BC)
   January 5, 2008
Martin was the most generous person I have ever known - generous with his time, his enthusiasm, his friendship. He created an amazing, loyal and dedicated community of friends, music lovers, and life enthusiasts. He is the foundation for the wonderful group of friends that I have in my life today. Thank-you Martin, for your love, your generosity, your humor, and your love of life. You will be forever missed.
   Devon Haag (Vancouver, BC)

   January 4, 2008
Blow my mind. I rememebr his unbelievable support for the Engineers Neusletter and the EUS. A legend. Rest in peace my friend
   Mike Willesen (Perth, Australia)

   January 4, 2008
martin was one of the most generous and kindest person i have ever had the honour to meet. his energy, lust for life and loyality to his friends was an inspiration to many...he will be missed dearly
   margareta jones (vancouver)

   January 4, 2008
Our hearts go out to his delightful parents Rita and John, sister Belinda & family and his many friends
   David Beardmore Mary Howells (Tunbridge Wells, England)

   January 4, 2008
One Star removed from our touch - One Star added to the heavens.

Martin was, is, forever shall be First Class. A genius, a mountain mover, a straight shooter: everything he did was from his heart: whether, coding, DJ'ing, or just passing ideas around in conversation - he went about his life with Passion and Zest: A Classical/Romantic - the rare blend of equal parts Logic and Creativity: any man having either half would be blessed in this world - Having both to the degree Martin did is what made him "Martin Sikes" - a name when mentioned in the work place commanded the deepest respect. A name that when you heard was working on a certain area of the project - a calm came over you - since you knew it was going to be done right. I'm a better person for knowing him - and he will leave his legacy in all of us.
   Ryan Senger (Vancouver, BC)

   January 4, 2008
Martin was one of the smartest people I've ever met and I was honored to be accepted into the BBG family and work alongside him. His contributions to the gaming industry will always be remembered. His devotion to his team, his love of music and his ability to reverse engineer anything put in front of him are some things I'll never forget.

My sincere condolences to all of Martin's family and friends. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.
   Victor Lucas (Vancouver, BC)

   January 4, 2008
I have known Martin for something like 10 years now from lots of great social events...although i never really got to know him as deeply as I would have liked. Martin ALWAYS left a very powerful impression with me, Martin is a very kind, generous, kindred, loving, glowing & an energetic spirit! I will always remember his bright smile & his silly & fun music! Much love to you Martin--always! Sylvia :)
   Sylvia (AKA Sly) Verdinho (Whistler)

   January 3, 2008
Thank-you for being you, Martin. I am so happy to have had you in my life! You have expanded my world in more ways than anyoune I have known. You have made so many so happy!
   Patrick McCoy (Vancouver, BC)

   January 3, 2008
Martin is an inspiration to all who knew him. Reciprocate his kindness and generousity to friends and loved ones and keep his spirit alive.
   Renee Jackson (Vancouver, BC)

   January 3, 2008
I will always remember Martin's smile and how welcoming he was when I started at BBG. My thoughts are with his sweet parents, whom I was fortunate enough to meet and can only imagine what a sad time this is for them. Martin will live on in all of the lives he touched.
   Kimberly Taylor
   January 3, 2008
Martin always made everyone feel welcome in his home. He treated everyone like family. I remember Martin giving me wonderful shoulder massages at parties. I always looked forward to seeing his inviting smile. You will truly be missed.
   Sophie Alain (Vancouver, BC)

   January 3, 2008
I'm sorry to hear the news... I was at WVSS with Martin and I will always have happy memories of him.
   Mark Hiscox (London, UK)

   January 2, 2008
I'm shocked and saddened to hear of Martin's passing. I enjoyed working with him at EA and will always remember him as a person with a tremendous amount of passion in the gaming industry. His leadership will be missed in the studio.
   David Chandler (Vancouver, BC)

   January 2, 2008
So sorry to hear of Martin's passing. I enjoyed working with him at EA and will always remember him as a tremendously passionate professional in the gaming industry. My deepest condolences to Martin's family.
   David Chandler (Vancouver, BC)

   January 2, 2008
His charm, his giggle, his fun loving nature are qualities that I adored…I am simply lost for words and terribly sorry to hear of Martin’s passing… I am saddened by this news and my thoughts are with his family and friends…there is a very dear spot in my heart for Martin and I will miss him…
   Todd Chaster (Vancouver, BC)

   January 2, 2008
Dear Martin Martin,

You were definitely a ring leader who enjoyed taking on many projects and organizing social get togethers. We will all miss those gatherings. The gaming industry is losing an amazing talent.

   julie lahey (port moody)

   January 2, 2008
I'm so terribly sorry to hear about Martin. I have many fond memories of him from UBC. Simpson's nights at the house. His great chicken dishes. He was such a good friend when I needed one. We haven't been in touch much in recent years as Perth Australia is so far away from Vancouver, but I will always think of him as a dear friend.
   Kristine Edwards (Perth)