Tell Me About Gnomedex (the Gnomedex 6.0 Theme)

(C) 2006 by Derek K. Miller (SOCAN), some rights reserved

with help from Chris, Ponzi, and the Gnomedexers

Tell me about Gnomedex

It's difficult to explain

It's Indharasophang

Gnomedex, it's geeky fun

Gnomedex keeps out of the sun

Gnomedex, for the girls and boys

Gnomedex, with all the high-tech toys

Podcastin', aggregatin', video bloggin', crazy taggin'

Photo galleries, startup salaries

Chris and Ponzi running madly

And of course don't you forget all the free schwag

To be had

Is that because everyone wants to be a gnome, or what?

These are my people

Every conference that sucked

And I turned it around

I attended my first Gnomedex at the age of six

Everything I know about life, love, and the human condition

I learned at Gnomedex

If mankind can still be saved

The answers will be found

Among the pocket protectors and fanny packs

These are my people

For geeks, by geeks, about geeks

Gnomedex is like traveling into the future

But they still have beer

All our good friends at Gnomedex 6.0

It's the Woodstock of conferences, podcasting, and blogging

People's eyes light up when they give each other ideas

And then they go off and talk about it

I'd like to go to Gnomedex

A wuh-a-wuh-a-wuh-a

The audience might heckle you up on the stage

Your choice of web feed format might cause a rage

You know I think we really oughta try

To blow that bandwidth, all that bandwidth, sky high!

(World's shortest heavy-metal solo)

Forget CES and Macworld, OSCON and Foo Camp

MacBooks, Tablet PCs, mobile phones say "look at me!"

Don't know what makes it so good

We'd write an algorithm to explain it if we could

(But we can't)

Gnomedex tickets are hard to get

Gnomedex, is it Web 3.0 yet?

Gnomedex, it's geeky fun

Gnomedex, it keeps us out of the sun

Tell me about Gnomedex

If someone says "Hey, can I come and pitch my product?"

We basically kick 'em in the shin