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Friday, January 10, 2003
# 2:07:00 AM:

With me, yeah me, with me...

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I just returned from a gig with my band, and I can never sleep right away, since I stay wired up for about an hour after I get home. So I surfed and found...

Safari Enhancer (via, which lets you do a few cool hidden things with Apple's new Safari browser: specify a minimum font size (good, since Safari currently shows many fonts too small), import bookmarks from other browsers (though it didn't work from Mozilla for me), and activate the developer's Debug menu. The most useful things I found there were a means to make Safari pretend it's another Web browser ("user agent"), and a menu link to the keyboard shortcuts listing, which is here on your Mac if you have Safari installed:


The user agent trick seems to let me post and publish to Blogger from Safari (it's how I created this journal entry), but for some reason posting without publishing closes the current Safari window, while posting and publishing doesn't. Odd.

The trick will let you get at Hotmail too -- otherwise the site reports some sort of "lack of proper JavaScript support" error, which appears to be a false claim.


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