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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
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Take a look at the San Jose Mercury News's prerelease scoop on the original Apple Macintosh, from 20 years ago this week, which they have just republished.

Examine what they have to explain:

Macintosh buyers will get a computer that operates unusually quickly and is directed by a mouse—a handheld device that, when slid across a table top, moves the cursor on the Mac's screen.
Within the next few months, Microsoft Inc., a Bellvue, Wash. software publisher closely allied with IBM [my emphasis - D.], is scheduled to introduce a spreadsheet package for making financial projections, a graphing package and the Basic programming language.

Then there's this:

One flaw in [Apple's Macintosh] strategy, several observers said, is that Apple may not be able to capture the high-volume sales to large corporations more interested in number-crunching than flair.

Pretty much sums up Apple's history ever since, doesn't it?


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