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Sunday, May 09, 2004
# 8:29:00 PM:

Where am I?

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Whoa. Blogger, the service I use to manage and publish these journal entries, has gone and totally changed how their site looks and works (in conjunction with Douglas Bowman and the Adaptive Path folks) since I last used it this afternoon. So far I like the new look okay, but it will take getting used to.

There are some spiffy new features:

  • New login and blog management pages, i.e. a new user interface.
  • A few statistics, like the total number of posts in a blog.
  • Comments (at last!) configurable per entry (yay!), like most other blogging tools have had for years.
  • Individual post archives, instead of just by week or month, also like other blogging tools have had for years.
  • "Conditional" tags let archive and index pages (for instance) look different, once more like other blogging tools have done for years.
  • Profile pages (if, unlike me, you don't already have one).
  • Spiffy XHTML/CSS templates, including one by my office-mate Dave (he was very good about non-disclosure, giving only vague hints about what was coming here).

A lot of this stuff is playing catch-up to the competition, and all those redirects are pretty annoying, but I'm nevertheless glad something finally happened—this is the first really serious redesign since I first started using Blogger in October of 2000. I have occasionally considered switching to another service, but inertia and my fondness for Blogger's general no-installation, web-application approach has kept me onboard. I'm glad I stayed.

Oh, and I now know that I'm coming up on 1300 journal entries since I started, averaging almost exactly one per day—which was my unstated goal back then.


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