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Monday, July 19, 2004
# 11:44:00 PM:

Links of interest (2004-07-19):

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  • "I wanted to see if I could come up with a way to use additional samples. Please note, I think the samples that come with GarageBand are generally pretty good to very good, but I'm always looking to make a cool toy even cooler. After looking around a little, here's what I came up with."

  • "Page 2 of the Apollo 11 section now includes that mission's film magazine 'S' in its entirety, representing all photographs taken during the historic first moonwalk on July 20, 1969. Images identified with the prefix AS11-40 are now seen for the first time in their clearest and most accurate presentation to date."

  • In the week ending Saturday July 10, 2004, for the first time, ongoing received more visits from browsers in the Mozilla family than from Internet Explorer. I've attached a graph."

  • "The Napster comparison is ludicrous for some obvious reasons, including the fact that an actual book is not a digitized song, and that if I'm holding a specific book you are not holding the same copy."

  • "We need to start thinking about software in a way more like how we think about building bridges, dams, and sewers. What we build must last for generations without total rebuilding. This requires new thinking and new ways of organizing development. This is especially important for governments of all sizes as well as for established, ongoing businesses and institutions."

  • "A lot of nonsense is talked about 'proper' English being a means of endorsing the existing social status quo. My feeling is that the opposite is true. If you encourage people to write the way they talk, class divisions are ultimately reinforced, even exacerbated."

  • "Why did Microsoft stop developing Internet Explorer? Why would a company so vocal about innovation cease work on perhaps the most used application in the world, and for nearly three years?"


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