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Sunday, August 08, 2004
# 11:33:00 PM:

Links of interest (2004-08-08):

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  • Google circa 1960.

  • It's a good thing my life doesn't depend on Microsoft's software being able to generate clean HTML code.

  • "The blunt question of readers is always 'Why should I read you?'. They're asking, what power and influence do you have, what intellectual worth do you possess, what is your place in the social hierarchy? It's not impressive to answer: 'Because I am a unique and special snowflake'."

  • My earlier post about reading more non-fiction than fiction reinforces the point that people aren't becoming less literate—we're just reading less of the traditional type of made-up story.

  • "I never find that I can build any software if I don't first get some mental image in my head of the customers. Who are they? How do they look, feel, think? I call this designing by guilt because if you don't do what feels right for these customers, you feel guilty for having let them down."

  • Web bloopers, i.e. web design mistakes (examples from the book available) and GUI bloopers (an older book), with more examples.

  • A short field guide to gas-electric hybrid automobile engines.


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