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Thursday, April 21, 2005
# 9:41:00 PM:

Jazz vs. rock

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Netdud's jazz vs. rock deathmatch is fun and revealing. Some additions:

Jazz: Louis Armstrong
Rock: Chuck Berry

Jazz: Buddy Rich
Rock: John Lennon

Jazz: Verve
Rock: Sun

Jazz: Winton Marsalis
Rock: Brian Setzer

Jazz: Miles
Rock: Beatles

Jazz: Mingus
Rock: Dylan

Jazz: John D'Angelico
Rock: Leo Fender

Jazz: Charlie Parker
Rock: Kurt Cobain

Jazz: Steinway
Rock: Hammond B3

Jazz: Dizzy Gillespie
Rock: James Brown

Jazz: Ella
Rock: Janis

Jazz: Benny Goodman
Rock: Beastie Boys

Jazz: Stan Getz
Rock: Carlos Santana

Jazz: Charlie Christian
Rock: B.B. King

Jazz: Smooth Jazz
Rock: New Country

Jazz: John McLaughlin
Rock: Jimmy Page

Jazz: Diana Krall
Rock: The Eagles

Jazz: Oscar Peterson
Rock: Al Kooper

Jazz: Coltrane
Rock: Hendrix

Jazz: Les Paul
Rock: Les Paul

Jazz: Bloop-doodle-ee-oop-doodle blee-donk
Rock: Dortch-key dortch-key weedly-weedly-weedly krang!

Jazz: Rock
Rock: Hip-hop


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