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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
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How to submit your music to CBC Radio et. al.

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Last week, before Canadian Media Guild union members had even signed their with the CBC to get back to work, I got this in email from Lee, one of those who'd put together the "Studio Zero" podcasts made on the picket lines in Vancouver:

I mixed and edited all the CBC Unplugged Studio Zeros over the past weeks. I wanted to write and thank you for passing your music along for use in the shows.

I'm a musician too, and I know the thrill you get from hearing your music used for shows. And I think your stuff is good - just as good as some of the stings we currently have in the CBC sting database.

So, I think you should send a CD of your music to our record library in Vancouver. You never know when someone might want to use it for something.

Very flattering—even more so since I hadn't passed my music along, but had rather been pleasantly surprised when CMG members found and played it. Lee emailed and agreed to let me republish 15 tips to help get my podsafe instrumental tunes on the radio.

You can read the full article here to find out the details. If you have some good music to try to get played on public radio or elsewhere, maybe they'll help you too. I'm now even considering packaging up the tunes as a CD and selling it, to see if there's a small market for higher-quality versions of the music that I'll continue to keep free online too. Thanks, Lee! [READ MORE...]

P.S. What do you think of the "real Derek CD for sale" album idea? Leave a comment.


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