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Monday, February 19, 2007
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Time set, purge begun

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Cancer Treatment: Day 18 at Flickr.comI have finally heard.

My first surgery takes place at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, so I'll be at the hospital in the rain at 6:30.

Today I'm consuming nothing but clear liquids—Diet 7-Up, consommé, Jello, water, tea—and in a couple of hours I will begin consuming this stuff:

GoLYTELY, Your Friend and Mine

Yes, I actually have to drink four litres of GoLYTELY purgative over the course of several hours (one glass every ten minutes). Last night, as my final solid-food meal before my procedure, I went for the good 'n' greasy Quarter Pounder With Cheese Combo from McDonald's.

While I don't believe in spirits, it's nevertheless clear that the mind has powerful control over the body. This week, for instance, I knew I'd need to be clearing out my system today, and my body started the work on its own without any GoLYTELY or other assistance.

I'm staying one night at the hospital this time round, so I'll pack myself a small bag tonight, which my wife can bring to me once I've woken up from the anaesthetic. I'll also have to remove my watch and jewelry before I head down.

Time to get ready for those sixteen glasses of GoLYTELY. Yum.


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