20 September 2007



I think if you ask a kid what kind of donut (doughnut, do-nut, whatever) he or she wants, a large percentage would pick one with coloured sprinkles. It's not so much because of the taste as the appearance, which is the perfect crazy-quilt kid snack look. My younger daughter rarely chooses anything else.

I was the same when I was a child. At our nearby malls (or "shopping centres," as they were then known), Brentwood and Lougheed, were two branches of the small Hole-In-One Donuts chain, and in the windows were always racks of cake donuts with elongated sprinkles. They were my favourite choice.

These days cake donuts are hard to find, especially with sprinkles. Most are of the glazed-donut variety, with icing and often little spherical sprinkles instead of the stick-style I preferred. But the kids still love 'em.

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