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Free MP3 instrumental tunes, the occasional vocal song, and spoken-word podcast stuff from Derek K. Miller in Vancouver, Canada from 2006-2009. All Creative Commons licensed unless otherwise indicated. Tracks from 2004-2005 are at the archive page.

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Name: Derek K. Miller
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Writer, editor, web guy, drummer, and dad in Vancouver, Canada.

30 June 2009

Dodging Buses

I turn 40 today, and in honour of that, here is "Dodging Buses" (3.7 MB MP3 file), a three-minute instrumental number. Like many of my others, it has that signature Penmachine granky guitar-bass-drums sound, with a hint of AC/DC. I started recording it back in March, using my Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar tuned to an open E chord, but only in this past week did I add bass, mix, and then master it. The name comes from something I've said numerous times during my past two and half years of cancer treatment: the saying goes that you could get hit by a bus anytime, but personally, I feel like I'm dodging buses every day. Licensed for you to share and reuse, as long as you give me credit.

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Blogger Daniel said...

Hi Derek!

You continue to inspire me. I am doing a project for National Podcast Post Month and knew I could come over here to find some music to use.

After reading this post, I am very grateful you've been able to dodge buses over the past two and a half years.

I've submitted your song for the Association of Music Podcasting's weekly podcast so that others can know about your stuff. And if you're interested in checking out the project I'm doing for NaPodPoMo, you can check out my Get That Job! blog

09 November, 2009 05:07  
Blogger Derek said...

Thanks Daniel. I'll appreciate it.

09 November, 2009 12:03  
Blogger DarrenKeith said...

Hello and Happy Thursday. Thanx for posting the link...I'm a music podcaster and I will showcase your track on my April 3rd 2010 show.

25 March, 2010 14:42  
Anonymous MediaBarCamp said...

Dear Derek,
thanks a lot for your podsafe track - they are greate! I like it very much.
I start to create my podcast and I choose your music for main theme. Of course, I give your credits ( - sorry, but all is in Russian).
best wishes,

08 April, 2010 21:30  
Blogger Derek said...

Great, thanks for playing it!

08 April, 2010 22:03  

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