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Sunday, November 16, 2003
# 9:58:00 PM:

Movie reviews to read before you take your kids

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ScreenIt is not the place to go if you want to avoid spoilers about movies, but if you want an idea of whether one is appropriate for your kids—or is too much of a chick movie/blow-up–fest for your boyfriend/girlfriend—nothing beats it. ScreenIt categorizes all the various things you might want to watch out for, in excruciating detail, but without moralizing.

We're thinking of taking our daughters to the new Looney Tunes movie, which has received some pretty good reviews (as well as some bad ones, but they seem to be from people who expect a plot or something). Our girls love the old cartoons. It its Violence section on the movie, ScreenIt reveals that:

A race car blasts through a wall, throwing Yosemite Sam into something that shocks him. He's then knocked into a room with lots of TNT that then explodes and blasts him up through the ceiling and way up into the sky (partially on fire).


A large rock squashes Daffy. Moments later, many darts impale him.

Sounds perfect.


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