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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
# 9:13:00 AM:

Huh-huh, a-huh-huh

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Leesa sent me a list of not-half-bad musician jokes. I added a couple of my own to the bottom, dredged up from my memory of the back page of Musician magazine some years ago:

  • A frog and a trombone player are both driving cars, and pass each other going opposite directions on a lonely country road. What's the difference between them?

    The frog might be on its way to a gig.

  • A traveler arrives in a country in tropical Africa. As he leaves the plane, he hears the sound of drums from the jungle. The man meeting him looks worried, and when asked, replies, "Oh, the drums. They portend something very bad, very bad."

    When the traveler goes into the town, the drums get louder and louder, and the beat more complicated. Everyone he asks has the same reply, with pained expressions on their faces: "The drums, the drums, they mean something very bad will come."

    Eventually the traveler arrives at his hotel, and the drums are deafening. Then, just as he gets ready to go in, they stop, and there is silence. The doorman looks horrified.

    "What is it? What is it? What now?!" asks the traveler.

    "Oh, very bad," says the doorman. "Now comes the bass solo."


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