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Friday, March 05, 2004
# 8:47:00 PM:

Links of interest (2004-03-05):

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  • "And really, when you're my age, would you rather look like me, or Jakob Nielsen?" ("...on matters of style, grooming and gracious living, you'd do well to listen.")

  • "The two basic types of [catalytic] converters are Monolith and Bead [...] Monolith converters contain a catalyst that looks a lot like a honeycomb inside the shell of the converter, while Bead converters contain a pellet or beaded type of catalyst." They can be recycled.

  • "Come take a look at the next version of one of the most important program suites for the Mac." Neat—but I doubt it's really worth what an upgrade will cost.

  • "Dedicated to elegant drafting in contracts: plain English, clarity, legal precision, appropriate risk allocation and commercial sense."

  • I'm always amazed when I come across jobs that, once I know about them, seem obvious, but which I'd never thought about before. For instance, sure, factories make stuff, and many of them have conveyor belts, but someone has to make the conveyor belts too.

  • When did The Onion go from pointedly funny to frighteningly psychic? We can pinpoint the date as 18 January 2001.

  • There are four ways to tie a necktie, but I've only ever used one: the basic Windsor my dad taught me in 1982. I've noticed that many current ties (like one I bought today while my wife looked at bedsheets) are made of thick fabric, and require some skill with the Windsor to avoid a really fat ugly knot at the neck.


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