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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
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Links of interest (2004-04-14):

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  • "MSNBC reporter Deborah Norville went on air with news that more than half of all exercise done in the United States happens in TV infomercials for workout machines. Norville neglected to mention her source: The Onion, of course. Norville did not return a call seeking comment."

  • "In 1937 [...] Kenneth Daigneau won $100 for coming up with the name to replace Hormel Foods' canned meat-based product, then known as Hormel Spiced Ham."

  • "Scientists do not debate whether evolution (descent with modification) took place, but they do argue about how it took place." (Check out the efficient and useful top navigation on that site.)

  • "As I sat there wondering how to respond, a baby voice from the back seat took care of it, saying “hé, caca de salaud d’enfoiré!” (roughly translated: hey, you poopoo asshole prick)."

  • "To set the parking brake, slide over to the passenger seat, roll down your window, and feel behind the windshield wiper until you notice a barely detectable, curved bump. Stroke it twice, then tug the wiper blade away from the windshield—but only for a second—and then release it. You should hear a very quiet click. The parking brake is now set."

  • "A series of three bowls made by melting toy soldiers, ninjas and knights."


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