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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
# 11:29:00 AM:

Links of interest (2004-04-21):

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  • A few weeks ago Darren Barefoot posted a survey asking whether people were interested in a Vancouver weblogging conference. And then... nothing. So, I wonder, what's up?

  • "RSA security offered 172 London commuters [...] a bar of chocolate in exchange for their corporate password. 37 percent agreed; another 34 percent gave up their password when the interviewer suggested that it was likely name of their pet or their child."

  • "So, there are plenty of sites showcasing well-designed web sites [...] but where's the list of well written web sites?"

  • "If he had tried to play the 'my stuff is the best and the rest is crap' line, he probably would have lost the sale. Instead, he played 'I'm an authority and I'm looking out for your best interests' and that hooked me. He got the sale."

  • "...quite aside from any technical solutions, we desperately need to work harder at educating people that e-mail viruses are not inevitable, that they neither need to be put up with nor merely reacted to. It is possible to eradicate them, mostly if not completely, proactively rather than reactively, and without rendering e-mail (or even attachments) useless in the process."


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