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Thursday, April 29, 2004
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Links of interest (2004-04-29):

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  • "...releasing a product as a form of open source has many other marketing benefits and can lead to greater user satisfaction and wider use. The question is, of course, can you make money that way?"

  • "[In Iraq] a loose federation will have many drawbacks, especially for those who dreamed of a democratic Iraq that would transform the Middle East [but] the alternative is an indefinite US occupation of Iraq in which we have fewer and fewer allies. It is an occupation that the US cannot afford. It also prevents the US from addressing more serious threats to its national security."

  • "More than any other account of the Beatles' rise, this film makes the case that had it not been for [Brian] Epstein's persistence there is no evidence that the group would have become known outside of Liverpool, let alone outside the U.K."

  • "Imagine if only one out of every twelve people who called their local pizza shop were the only ones who ordered a pizza. All night long, the pizza shop would get calls from people who aren't interested in ordering. Would the shop owner be happy?"

  • "For a one-time fee of US$49.95, per copy, per product, Mariner [Software] customers qualify to receive every major upgrade for the lifetime of the registered product, delivered automatically to their inbox on the day of public release."

  • "Approximately 1800 web sites later, I have this collection of 300 of the most interesting, unique, and beautiful formations of pixels to display."

  • "...if by now we all don't realize that anything we write or transmit electronically, whether it be via email, blog or any other form of digitized medium, is not fodder for someone to data mine, then we're just plain ignorant."

  • "An accessible website is automatically optimised for good search engine placement as accessible sites are machine friendly, making it far easier for search engines to correctly index the website."


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