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Monday, October 11, 2004
# 10:15:00 AM:

Links of interest (2004-10-11):

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First, a brief aside. If you're not in Canada, note that today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and a public holiday. If you're trying to do business with someone in this country, you may have to wait till tomorrow. Now on to the links:

  • View any website in plain text (no, it's not Lynx).

  • "Businesses don't want to admit this, but they spend up to 12 percent of gross revenues on IT including communications. By going to Open Source and thin clients and VoIP we could cover all their needs for half that cost—six percent. No separate hardware, software, bandwidth, or support costs, just a flat six percent."

  • "When you have little to no revenue and you have 10, 15, 20 people on board, you have to start borrowing. And when you start borrowing you start going into debt. And when you start going into debt, you can't continue to innovate or take chances. And then decisions are made that aren't in the best interest of your customers."

  • Robot-retrieved books at UBC's new library might make some volumes impossible to browse; a solution would be to spend money on scanning the whole collection, sort of like Amazon's Search Inside the Book or Google's new Google Print.

  • "If you can build a place that women love, the guys will show up. The reverse is not true."


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