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Thursday, March 03, 2005
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Links of interest (2005-03-03):

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  • Ajax is the proposed new name for a web application development technique using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. While not a panacea, it's a good way to make web applications more responsive, and I think the new name is certainly better than "XMLHttpRequest."

  • Talking to Air is back, and Kerry KLove is fun too.

  • S5 Presents is a free tool to build PowerPoint-style slideshows with Eric Meyer's funky and cool S5 technique.

  • British Columbia is holding a provincial election on May 17. On the ballot is a referendum about the Single Transferable Vote, a new method of choosing and electing candidates proposed to help reduce the skew of our current "first past the post system." STV for BC tells you why that's a good idea, even if the implementation is rather complex.

  • Here's now not to waste people's time with online advertising.

  • IBM is backing PHP. This is a big deal.

  • Some reasons Windows users should not switch to a Mac. It's a pretty small list.


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