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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
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Not for my neck

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aire by ThomWhile I have an iPod (the shuffle), I don't use the included, iconic white headphones. It's not because I don't want people to know I'm a podhead (I was even a tad conflicted over that). Rather, I just don't like earbuds much, and never have.

There are several reasons—few fit well in my ears, and because of that they don't generally sound as good as other designs. Plus the cords are prone to tangling, and so on. But the main thing that has always annoyed me about earbuds is that whenever you take them off, even for half a minute, you have to find someplace to put them.

Any other type of earphones, with some sort of headband (over or behind the head, whatever), lets you rest it on your neck while you're trying to talk to the grocery cashier, or use a phone, or just hear what's going on around you. With earbuds, either you're holding them awkwardly in one hand, or you have to stuff them in a pocket, or they dangle, ready to fall or get caught.

One thing in their favour, though: they work great when you're lying in bed. Consequently, the only person who gets to see what a cool iPod owner I am with those white headphones is my wife.

And I'm sure she's very impressed.


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