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Sunday, February 19, 2006
# 12:42:00 PM:

The Gnomedex song: first draft lyrics

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Chris Pirillo asked me (either that, or I suggested it, I'm not sure which came first) to write a theme song for the next Gnomedex conference in June. Here's my first crack at lyrics for "The Song":

Gnome-dex! It's geeky fun
Gnome-dex! It keeps us out of the sun
Gnome-dex! For the girls and boys
Gnome-dex! With all the high-tech toys

Podcastin', aggregatin', video bloggin', crazy taggin'
Photo galleries, startup salaries, Chris and Ponzi running madly
And of course don't forget
All the free schwag
To be had


The audience might heckle you on up the stage
Your choice of web feed format might cause a rage
Is it the world's heaviest usage of Wi-Fi?
I don't know, but we sure are gonna try
To blow that bandwidth (all that bandwidth)
Sky hi-i-i-i-gh

Forget CES and Macworld, OSCON and Foo Camp
MacBooks, Tablet PCs, mobile phones say "Look at me!"
Don't know what makes it so good
We'd write an algorithm to explain it
If we could

Gnome-dex! Tickets are hard to get
Gnome-dex! Is it Web 3.0 yet?
Gnome-dex! It's geeky fun
Gnome-dex! It keeps us out of the sun


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