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Friday, June 30, 2006
# 11:39:00 AM:

Live notes: Dave Dederer of Pyramid and PotUSA

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Dave Dederer works at Pyramid Communications, which is a PR agency for non-profits and plays with the Presidents of the United States of America. And he's got his guitar.

  • "I'm such a huge rock star I have to carry my own mic stand."
  • You are a contentious and feisty bunch.
  • Communications divide between you people and artists' business model.
  • Instead of win-win, we're all acting like junkies. There's no clear legitimate way to do it.
  • You have an artist manager who takes 15-20%, business manager 5% or hourly, lawyer 5% or hourly, independent publicist $3000+/month, marketing $3000+/month.
  • Revenue: touring (corporate gigs, fairs and festivals), master recordings (sell records, licensed, downloaded), publishing (if you write your own, mechanicals, sync, folio), performance royalties, merchandise (anything that's not the music).
  • So, what's your business model?
  • Ted Rheingold,,—bring the love with advertisers and everyone.
  • The PotUSA now own the rights to their first album, after licensing it to Sony.
  • "How to we move our store to the web?" is what music people are asking. It's the wrong question.
  • Had lunch with Chris, and realized, "I'm not in the music business anymore. I'm in an online business."
  • What will help music people get it?
  • The extending and growing skinny tails argument is one way to look at it.
  • IODA: the problem is explaining how it works.
  • Is it a matter of finding a way for fans and artists to get closer together, like EventfulDemand?
  • What's the endgame? Everyone using iTunes would be great for Dave, but what do people here think?
  • There is a huge bunch of money for someone
  • Online music is at about 0.5% of its potential.
  • But there are a lot of people who are just in it to get laid.
  • The record label is incubating a whole bunch of businesses (musicians) and gambling on each of them, to varying degrees.
  • How come Osama can use the web as his promotional vehicle, but a blogger can't link to a song?
  • Subset was a band with PotUSA and Sir Mix-a-Lot.
  • Where Dave wants to see it go is to have old material available, or current material that can be remixed with tracks available.
  • All record labels have the same business model, but some are better capitalized than others.


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