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Saturday, July 01, 2006
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Halley Suitt on managing creativity at Gnomedex

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What is a creative leader? How can we manage creativity. Halley is from She shops for shoes and companies.

  • If her board had been watching my son's development at 8 months, they would have downsized him.
  • He had no interest in crawling, he just went straight to walking.
  • Had to leave space for him to be creative.
  • There are some really weird creative companies who succeed in Web 2.0.
  • What kind of developer environment do they like? The dungeon, elsewhere?
  • Werner: keep teams small (6-8 people). Two-pizza teams.
  • If they start to whine, they've lost interest. Swearing is fine, but no whining.
  • Dan Pink: A Whole New Mind.
  • Maybe optimum team size is 4.6, i.e. the Beatles with Brian Epstein.
  • Fred Brooks: No Silver Bullet (from same author as Mythical Man-Month).
  • The fundamental conclusion: hire good people and make sure they're passionately involved in what they're doing.
  • The rest is ancillary.
  • Don't take the wrong team and try to make it do what the right team would have done. You can't.
  • If you don't train developers, they'll leave, even if they're learning things that would be useful elsewhere.
  • Werner: others said get out of the way, and that's right. Don't just train for the immediate future, train for what interests people.
  • Laugh at yourself. Know when you're full of B.S.
  • Meeting deadlines: keep telling developers what the dates are, at every chance you get.
  • People will want to leave at some point.
  • Don't be afraid to let people move on if they need to.
  • Keep channels of communications open, but avoid interruptions.


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