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Thursday, October 05, 2006
# 10:48:00 PM:

Do you want a drill or a hole?

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"Sometimes, we need a hole in our wall, so we buy a drill. But we don't need the drill, we need the hole. A system that offered the object on demand when we needed results would provide us with the hole but eliminate having a dusty drill sitting in our toolbox for 20 years. [...] It's one thing to recognize that what we desire is an end result, but another entirely to release our longing to be surrounded by all the means that take us to these ends."

"The issue is not whether we should trust pilots, airplane maintenance technicians or people with clearances. The issue is whether we should trust people who are dressed as pilots, wear airplane-maintenance-tech IDs or claim to have clearances. We have two choices: Either build an infrastructure to verify their claims, or assume that they're false. And with apologies to pilots, maintenance techs and people with clearances, it's cheaper, easier and more secure to search you all."

"Sadly, most of us, no matter what our occupations, don't breathe properly. Years of bad posture, emotional tension, and never having been reminded how to do it naturally lead to chronic bad breathing habits. Computer users need to be aware of this, as a forward slouched posture tends to constrict the diaphragm and inhibit natural and full breathing."

"The Washington Post's Hank Stuever concisely elucidated the 'Scooby worldview' when the first live-action movie came out: 'Kids should meddle, dogs are sweet, life is groovy, and if something scares you, you should confront it.' What needs to be explained about that?"

"Scientists are surprised to find that, in many cases, a single factor—undetected cardiovascular disease—is often a major reason people become frail."

"Vienna is like the San Francisco of Europe."

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