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Saturday, October 07, 2006
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Links of interest (2006-10-07):

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"I wish I could tell young people today how naive they are. We were like that, too, young and naive. We truly believed that by building [the first atomic] bomb there'd never be another war."

"Professor Jon Erlandson says the maritime capabilities of ancient humans have been greatly underestimated. He has found evidence that early peoples in California pursued a sophisticated seafaring lifestyle 10,000 years ago."

A storm in Alaska caused the 2005 breakup of an Antarctic iceberg, 13,000 km away.

"There have been 75 media employees killed worldwide in 2006, more than in any year since records have been kept and more than were killed in the entire Second World War, according to the World Association of Newspapers."

"When everyone else is looking the same way for inspiration, look somewhere else. The result is a lot more likely to be something singular and fresh."

"The $100 laptops planned for children around the world might turn out to be as revolutionary for their security measures as for their low-cost economics."

"But innovating to solve the wrong problem usually fails as a strategy, and the problem we have today, I believe, is not that our climate is changing, per se, but that we have created an unsustainable civilization which is deeply instable."

I saw the ads for Mr. Meaty a few months ago, but I haven't seen the show. Looks hilarious.


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