17 June 2007


Denny's, freight trains, and LED pranks

When I posted my little reminiscence about BBS days of yore a few days ago, I didn't know that the same bunch of my old online friends was setting up a reunion party for this weekend, largely because of my cancer diagnosis. But they did, and we had great time last night. I got home and to bed at 4 a.m. Here are some photos:

Derek, Johan, and Denny's Full House Burger
Steve and Andrew Dave and Paul Brooklyn, Her Boyfriend, and Her Dad View From Balcony
Steve and Paul Steve and Alistair Steve, Richard, and Dave Living Room
Johan and Paul Johan and Mattias 1 Johan and Mattias 2 Johan and Mattias 3
Johan and Mattias 4 Johan and Mattias 5 Richard, Andrew, Dennis, Steve, Paul, and Martin Paul, Martin, Johan, and Alistair
Denny's Mob 1 Denny's Mob 2 Midnight View At the DJ Desk

We all, of course, remain great big nerds. As the night wore on, topics of conversation became more and more obscure, eventually hewing to secret atomic-clock–synchronized LED light shows in the trees of the North Shore, and tales of hopping freight trains, as well as whether 16- or 24-bit digital audio can ever accurately reproduce the subtle phase relationships of analog audio.

Like I said, great big nerds. What a fabulous time.

There were also lasers.

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Ahahaha.. I remember an early dating moment with Richard that involved his balconey and a laser... Looks like y'all had fun :) Geeks rule.