12 June 2007


Radiation side effects last a long time

I called Alison, the friendly radiotherapy support nurse at the B.C. Cancer Agency, today because it's been three weeks since my last radiation treatment, and I'm still on a slow pendulum between painful, aching constipation and painful, gassy cramps and diarrhea. It takes three to four days to go between extremes. The days in the middle of pendulum (like yesterday, or last Thursday) can be pretty good, but the others (like today, or last Saturday) are far from it.

As I suspected—and unfortunately—it's nothing unusual as far as radiation side effects go. My internal tissues are inflamed, and they take a long time to calm down. The radiation is still taking effect and killing cancer cells. So feeling like crap three weeks later is par for the course, and the summary is that I just have to ride it out. I spent the four hours between when my family got home and the kids' bedtime either lying in bed or in sitting the bathroom. I was no help to my wife at all. Luckily I was able to help put the girls to sleep at least.

I'm supposed to make a guest appearance on The Lab With Leo tomorrow. Things are improving somewhat right now, but I hope they improve enough that I can get myself the hell out of the house to get down there.

I hate this. Hate it.

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Hate is a reasonable thing to do, when something has affected your life so much. I'm sure that at some point when you're feeling better, you'll get that whole balance/gratitude thing again.. but yeah, cancer sucks, pain sucks, and hating it and what it has done to you and your family is pretty damn legit. Hate on!
I realize that your Lab With Leo appearance is only a tangent to this post (I cannot begin to comprehend the jumble of emotions and physical discomfort. So yes, hate on, brother.) But, do you know approximately what time you are going to be shooting? They have a live USTREAM feed (https://www.labwithleo.com/node/242) and, frankly, I am terribly interested in seeing you out and about talking about Home Recording.
Sorry I didn't see this earlier, but we were on twice, once around 12:30 p.m. and again around 2:00 p.m. -- if you didn't catch it, it should be on Google Video soon.