07 June 2007


Sometimes I lie

I'll let you in on a secret: sometimes I fake it here. For example, this post from Tuesday, June 5, a couple of days ago, really went up yesterday, and I backdated it just to keep the date flow going on the website. On Tuesday I was way too sick to blog, or do anything else. I was in the bathroom every half hour for 12 hours, starting at 4 a.m., and things didn't really calm down until late at night. In between I did nothing but sleep. Even yesterday I was pretty wiped out.

The Cancer Agency folks did warn me that the radiation effects (PDF) could even get worse for a couple of weeks after the end of treatment. I don't think I quite believed them, but there you go.

What it does tell you is that this blog does reflect what's going on in my life, but not entirely. Sometimes I lie, and things here look better than they are. But today was a good day, honest!

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Yes, it does get worse just after the treatment - we didn't believe it either, but it did happen to JH.

However, it is something like a sunburn : the worse moment is just after, like when you come home and it still burns while it is already night, but then after a couple of days you feel better.

In this case, it is more a couple of weeks. Which, I admit, seems quite short when you are healthy and miles away, but rather long when it is your body. But still. You have to always remember that you are through with this part of it. Done. Over.

I will not donate to your friend's charity, being well away, but we have been donating for some time now to another cancer foundation - in France, of course - that specially struggles against environnemental causes of the cancers.

One of my best friends, who died 7 years ago from breast cancer when she was 35 or so, volunteered for this association and so we decided to make a donation each monch, in memoriam.

Let's say when we are all over this shit, we will donate some more money, just as a tribute to the scientists who cured you and cured my husband.

Let's hope that is soon !
month, not "monch", oups.
I'm not cured yet, but we're getting there!