07 June 2007


Peer pressure

My wife reports to me that there are now nearly 50 people on the Facebook group called "Derek K. Miller Should Join Facebook." So far I'm not caving, but I may very well eventually. After all, I gave in on Flickr in time, so there is some precedent.

But that took almost a year, and it's only been a couple of months since the Facebook pestering began. You might have to wait a bit yet.

Now, to distract you: look over there! Chinese writing may have originated as long as 8000 years ago! Neato!

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Even Rich signed up yesterday. There's a difference between a 6 or 7 digit ICQ number compared to being #14 bajillion and being stubborn. Surrender to the inevitable and find old pictures from Shoreline Wednesday Night Meets you thought were dead and buried forever. :)

Just don't expect any highbrow entertainment.
Actually I just joined the group 'cause I saw other people joining and I thought it was funny. It's sort of how Facebook works, really. Baaaaaaah.
I'll refrain from any "friends jumping off bridges" comments.