03 May 2007


I play a Facebook skeptic on the radio

Last week I mentioned that I'm not using Facebook yet, and why. My wife does use it, and likes it. So CBC technology columnist Tod Maffin interviewed both of us about it. You can listen to his mini-documentary (MP3 file) as part of his Todbits podcast, or you might have heard it on CBC radio today.

I have to say that the peer pressure for me to get on Facebook is certainly an order of magnitude stronger than it has been for other social networking sites (except maybe, briefly, Twitter)—but I'm still holding out. I'm busy enough now as it is.

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Would it help to know that Facebook prevents cancer? I haven't had a single recurrence since I joined.
...and you play the nameless husband.
I try to keep him nameless. Next he'll be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Given my medical history over the past seven years, that would be even more of a miracle than for most men! (Well, okay, we can work on the barefoot and kitchen parts.)