02 May 2007


Bony butt

The Morning Handful at Flickr.comAs I mentioned before, I've lost close to 20 pounds during cancer treatment. But it hasn't happened as I expected. I haven't suffered any nausea to speak of, and I still have all my hair.

What I don't have is some of my butt. Whether because of the radiation treatments, the chemotherapy, or just my body's general pattern of weight loss, I'm lacking a lot of, er, padding down there.

It's actually uncomfortable to sit down for long periods, especially in bed. My tailbone and surrounding spine and the back of my pelvis start hurting.

My wife noticed it particularly today—the gluteus loss has been gradual, but now it's quite obvious. And tomorrow, after a week's break as part of the schedule for my clinical trial, I go back on the chemo cocktail for the final two weeks.

So, even more bony butt, here I come.

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Noooooo! Your one beauty, gone!

(Note: I have never looked at your butt. At least not consciously.)
Will you accept teasing about the lack of photograph to proove said bony-buttage? *grin*

Hope you enjoyed the week off.. and that going back on goes smoothly!
I don't think I have enough "before" photos for an "after" photo to have the appropriate impact.
Surely there has to be SOMETHING - perhaps in the Neurotics files? Can't imagine that y'all would be totally lacking in butt shots... teehee :)