22 November 2007


The mug

My favourite mug at Flickr.comMost mornings I make myself coffee, like many people. And like many of you, I'm sure, I have a favourite mug. It's pretty large, wide, and stable, with a big handle and a smooth rim. Running part way around the lower side is an arced ridge in the ceramic. The glaze is grey with dark speckles, and the bottom is unfinished and gritty.

My father-in-law made it. He's been making pottery as a hobby for decades, and from time to time we get the chance to rummage through his stockpile and pick pieces we particularly like. I'm not sure what it is about this particular mug that appeals to me, but it makes the coffee taste better, as well as hard to spill.

It's also unique, as handmade pottery must be. He has crafted some others like it, but none identical. If it ever goes missing or breaks, there are others we own, both handmade and commercial, that will do the job. But not quite the same.

Do you have a favourite mug? Why that one?

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My favorite mug is large and red and is my favorite because it requires two hands to drink from it.
It's funny that your blog reminded me of morning coffees when I lived at your house when Tara and Sebastien went to Europe.
Ok...I've been reading your blog for quite awhile but this post brought me out of lurkdom ; )

My favorite coffee mug is one that my Dad gave me. It is dark brown glaze with speckles of cream towards the bottom & also very solid and sturdy. It has a very thin and smooth lip and it balances just right in my hand. It is most precious to me though because he drank from it for a long time and I admired it for years. One day out of the blue he gave it to me. It's just a special thing : )
A few years ago, my mug cupboard was more like a therapy session. I contained the emotional residue of jobs, friends and lovers left behind. I decided I don't need to face that shit first thing in the morning, so I purged them all and got a set that actually matches my plates.
But I did keep one... the black one commemorating "QLT: New Facility 2000". Coffee tastes better out of that one.
I have two favourite mugs - at home, a nice big one from PEI's college of piping and drumming (I think that's the name); a reminder of a great outdoor concert seen on vacation a few years back.

At work, it's a Happy 40th birthday mug, also nice and large. The sad this is not thatI have one of those, but how old is it ...
I wonder if I'm the only one who gets the subtle humor (intended or unintended) of having "The Mug" text balanced between . . . well, two mugs.
Ironically, I too have a favorite mug...and it was made by Ralph as well!! Gail brought me a mug when she was out to visit Ontario a few years ago and I haven't had a cup of coffee at home since, that wasn't in my 'favorite mug'. Mine is similar to your, but blue.
Great topic! Your mug looks earthy, substantial, and solid, and regal - kind of like an elephant (you have kids too, so you can imagine why I even thought of that).

For now, my coffee mug is a large, black, very substantial mug with the Ghandi quote 'be the change you wish to see in the world'. I love it because my husband gave it to me, but its texture is not quite earthy enough.

I am interested to learn more about Ralph, does he work in North Van?
He used to be a dentist in West Vancouver, but he retired from that some years ago.