27 May 2008


Shopping out

Apple Store Vancouver 1 at Flickr.comWithout my wife, it's unlikely I would dress well. The evidence is clear from what I looked like before we met. However, I've always liked shopping, and used to enjoy going to the mall with my mom as much as 30 years ago. I just wasn't fond of buying clothes.

That's no longer true, and for the past couple of days I've spent some of my free time refreshing my wardrobe for the summer, with new shirts, sandals, and trousers.

I also got the chance to do a couple of other things. One was to purge out some older stuff in my clothes cupboards. The other was to go downtown and check out the new Apple Store.

Yeah, it is pretty much the same as other Apple Stores I've been to, with much the same selection of products as other Apple resellers in town, just more slickly presented. However, if you're looking for a variety of FireWire external hard disks (rather than USB 2.0 versions), the Apple Store has more types than most.

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You are so brave to post pics like that of yourself on flicker. That was great!
I may need to borrow your wife to take me shopping next month!
Excellent, I need and external FireWire drive.
I'm really sorry about your cancer diagnosis. It's amazing your trying to lead a normal life discussing Apple products and such with such a grave condition. I hope you beat this disease.
Ned, it would be very tiring after a year and a half if all I did was think about cancer.