04 May 2008


Using our share of the Canadian health care system

It's difficult for me to understand what it's like for my family and friends as I go through cancer treatment. As I've written before, in some ways it's easier for me than for them, because at any time I know how I feel, and at least tell myself that I have a decent sense of how I'm doing. That's not always clear to those close to me, and I know they worry.

I think I have a better understanding of it this week, because my wife had elective surgery a few days ago. She was in hospital overnight (which the doctors had expected and planned for, but which we didn't know about in advance), and has been recovering here at home. Since I'm not on chemotherapy this week, I'm in reasonably good shape and have been able to keep the house running fairly well.

But I wish there was more I could do to alleviate her pain and other discomfort. I also have little sense, from hour to hour, how she's feeling. I feel a bit useless. And this is relatively short term—she's been taking care of me, and doing a great job of it, as I've been through surgeries, chemo, radiation, drastic weight loss, and much more for well over a year.

This is that "in sickness and in health" part they talk about when you get married. I'm glad we can be there for each other.

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As a guy who was in Military Medicine for the US Navy for 24 years, and am married to a NURSE, I can tell you that by you even asking the question about your wife or feeling this way, it makes her feel better.

Since the procedure was a success, just putting a smile on and greeting her and letting her know you and your daughters are alright and she is free to relax and heal.

So much of "Medicine" is in the mind. I never would have said this years ago, but after seeing what I have seen, and my wife being a Nurse for the CANCER TREATMENT CENTER OF AMERICA here in IL, your doing the right things..

Hope she feels better, and you keep that stiff upper lip mister!
I'm with Darrell on this one. Just the fact that you are by her side makes it all better, I would think (I am not married, but I've also taken care of loved ones).

I admire the amazing love you two share. Keep up the good fight!