17 June 2008


Where to get a door trimmed in Vancouver

We had carpet installed in a basement room last year, and it was just thick enough that we had to remove the door because it would no longer close—it ran into the carpet at the bottom. The simple solution was to get the door trimmed at the bottom to fit, but we never got around to it.

Until today. We have a guest coming from Australia, and she's staying in that room of a week and a half. It would be nice if she had a door. But it turns out that finding someone to trim a door in Vancouver is no easy task. Home Depot doesn't do it. Competitor Rona does at their big store on Grandview Highway, but their machine was broken. I called and called around without much success.

With the right tools and rig, I could do the job myself, I suppose, but it would take awhile and the risk of misaligning or cracking something is pretty high in my only semi-handy household. Fortunately, the House of Doors on West Broadway near Alma is happy to take my money and shave half an inch off the bottom of the door for us. We'll take it out there tomorrow morning. Now you know.

UPDATE (June 18): Yup, worked great. I dropped the door off at the back of the store, came back 20 minutes later, paid $20, drove home, and re-mounted the door. No problems.

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I love the fact that a place called "The House of Doors" exists.

I feel like I'd have a hard time leaving, though... which door is the exit?
I have no clue how you're able to lead any semblance of a normal like with terminal cancer. I guess once the realization sets in you set it aside and move on with life and hope for the best. Thats probably all you can do.
Well, you have to do something. And there's a difference between "stage 4 metastatic cancer" and "terminal cancer." No one's predicting my imminent death yet, so that's useful too!
@ Derek - WOW. It sounds so easy when you say it, but I am sure it was a LOT of work, right?

@ ned - I am a bit shocked that you would phrase your comment in such an apparently insensitive way. I would like to believe that you mean it in a good way, but your writing just doesn't sound right (or read right I should say?)

You guest is going to be wonderfully comfortable, new carpet and now a newly renovated old door.

I'm sure you'll all have lots of fun.

Next time you need access to tools, call me. I've been hanging new doors lately...


In the house I just had built, there were two pocket doors that wouldn't move after the carpet was installed. Since pocket doors slide into a cavity in the wall, and all the trim was installed and painted already, these doors weren't going anywhere. Fortunately, our trim guy had a solution: he took a spare piece of trim and placed it on the carpet in front of the door, and slid a power saw along the bottom of the door in situ using the piece of trim as a spacer. Big racket, big mess, but after the dust had cleared, so did the door. Phew!
Next time, send me an email and my carpenter-husband may be able to help you out. He loves it when I pimp him out! Hehehe...