15 October 2008


Home from surgery

Air and Derek, post-op, doing great! at Flickr.comI'm back home now. The surgery to reconnect my intestines into proper working order (almost a year and a half after my initial cancer-induced disconnection surgery) went well, and I am recovering about as fast as could be expected.

To no one's surprise, and I'm tired and sore and plan to do a bunch of sleeping rather than blogging, email, and so forth. Overall, it went very well, and I'm doing my best to avoid having to go back into the hospital with a blockage like a did last time.

Okay, I have to lie down now.

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Rest up. Glad it went well.
Congrats! Take it easy and be sure to stock up on Immodium, flushable wipes, and the good TP. I hope the next few weeks are entirely uneventful. :)
Glad you're home, Derek. And by all means, take things easy and get lots of rest.
Glad things went well. Rest up and take care!
Glad to hear you're back home. Rest well, heal well.
Great to hear that it went well! Take care!
Rest up indeed. Just came here from a Facebook group to check out your blog. My wishes to you for a speedy recovery.
Glad to hear that you are home. Your dad kept people informed in the past couple of days.
Take care!
Glad you're back in one piece, Derek. All the best for a speedy recovery.

Take care.

sending big hugs, hoping for a quick recovery, in no-news-is-good-news style.