26 October 2008


Photographers and art

My family are not art collectors by any means, but over the years my wife and I have acquired some original prints by artists of varying degrees of renown—some from the artists directly. Today she dropped by Vancouver's Portobello West fashion and art market, where among other things she picked up two photos of koi from a booth set up by North Vancouver–based Jeff Maihara.

The pictures fit well with some of the other artwork we already have in our house, but we haven't figured out exactly where to put them yet. Vancouver produces some fine photographers, including our friends Alastair, Kris, and Duane. I hadn't heard of Jeff before, so it's nice to find another one.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, Bill in Omaha had a weird dream about me and my bandmate Mark.

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I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't get to hear you unleash the HeavyMachine. That thing looked awesome.